Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places!

The tragic poetic comedy STAND UP! tells the story of Charlie Schwarzer (Timo Jacobs), a disgraced shooting star of the German standup comedy scene. Abandoned by his true love Emilie (Pegah Ferydoni) and deeply indebted, he tries to return to the stage.

Our times are over.

If two people really love each other, when do they have enough?

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Charlie Schwarzer
Timo Jacobs
Pegah Ferydoni
Alina Levshin
Katy Karrenbauer
Dieter Landuris
von Wohlstein
Rolf Kanis
Lana Cooper
Friedrich Liechtenstein
Mario Irrek
Varité Künstlerin
Eva Maria Kurz
Sandra von Ruffin
Christian Ahlers

Director's Note

Emilie and Charlie are lovers who never really succeed anywhere. Transforming their concerns into happiness is the longing that unites them. Driven by fracture they love each other but are trapped inside. While Emile loses her body, Charlie loses his mind. We witness two people that are lost in search of the truth. Can you find it in show business? If everything is constantly changing, how do you find its truth? How do you give the most meaning to wasted time? They both have no answer. They continue living with their failures and Charlie goes back on an odyssey. He proofs everyone out there – who’s just in it for the fun – that there’s something else. “Stand-up” is a film about the beauty of failure and transience. Praise the indifference.

The humor of Charlie Schwarzer is like a crispbread.

The only way out is drinking. A career would save him and prove his love for Emilie. He could show her that he is capable of changing the world. In order to have a career, however, Charlie needs to get himself the most elegant suits that exist. But his wife Emilie separates from him, and Charlie is being persecuted for art robbery. He loses his memory and sadly only remembers his outdated stage program. But the crowd hasn’t forgotten him just yet and we wonder how Charlie will gain enough empathy for his comeback? And can he prove to Emilie that she is still the only one that makes him smile besides everything going on?

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